Faux départ

Faux départ

A race, a flight, a fugue…
Performance with 4 actors

Four actors are arranged in a single straight line, seeking the best position to take off from the starting blocks. In terms of its form, the project is inspired by the art of the fugue, a musical composition based on counterpoint, creating an analogy between the musical motif and the figure of the athlete taking his or her feet off the starting block. Faced with the Promethean dream and the sanctification of victory – with its notions of competition, speed, performance and success whatever the cost that are so representative of our time – “False Start” explores our relationship with failure as much as with the momentum to transcend ourselves.


Direction : Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski
Assistant and artistic collaboration : Manolo Sellati
Actors : Jeanne Dailler, Pierre Gervais, Ninon Perez, Laurent Staudt
Sound : Renaud Carton (TBC)
Light : Hans Meyer (TBC)
Responsible production : Laura Petit
Production : Lucilia Caesar, Théâtre Thionville


22 Sep '18 - Théâtre Thionville - FR
23 Sep '18 - Théâtre Thionville - FR
  • Theatre
  • Performance
  • Lucilia Caesar