Quatuor à corps
Photo: Plonk & Replonk

A family meal. The atmosphere is peaceful. The father, the mother, the son, lulled by the same old routine, their repetitive movements and their leitmotifs, patiently connect with one another. Then The Other turns up, with its “disturbing strangeness”. Now there are four of them there is a new composition. Beautiful harmony is a thing of the past. The “bug” does its work, demanding that each of them does things differently. Drawing on the skills of four performers who are as inventive as they are talented, IvWR has also asked four composers to blend their musical outpourings with the ongoing process, all with the involvement of IRCAM. Continuing her exploration of the potential of musical theatre, in this work she endeavours to revise the world of the string quartet for the body.

The family represents a kind of fate, of destiny, impossible to escape.” (Luchino Visconti)

Three plus one, the nuclear family and a strange intruder: BUG is a reflection on the family – the one that is there and the one that is created – however imperfect it is, on the desire, fantasies, subconscious and contradictions that inhabit us.

Bug is inspired by the string quartet, applying the principle behind it to theatrical sensibility. By drawing on the voices and bodies of the four performers and their gestures imbued with rituals and odd habits, affects and emotions, it is about creating a singular physical and musical language. This approach allows the enigma of the family to be grasped, what is buried deep down and hidden, while avoiding the conventions of psychological theatre.

The starting point is therefore a scene in the home where everything unfolds calmly until the unexpected arrival of Her. All of them, in their own way, are dumbfounded by the mystery unleashed by this stranger. Each of them will have to reveal their demons… Now disrupted, this family will be forced to change the routine on which its equilibrium has been constructed.

Reinforced by the writing of composers Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Daniele Ghisi, François Sarhan and Francesco Filidei, Bug will dismantle this everyday scenario through musical processes. It will shatter the continuity. Time will expand and stretch out (the bug itself) and will be fragmented into ellipses. Gestures will be repeated or reversed, similar to seized-up machinery, causing meanings to undulate and slide.

Through repetitions and loops, by creating a rhythm of gestures and phrases, stopping on a word or a noise and with the option of leaving the actors’ movements suspended, Bug will create a monstrous double, a dislocation, a way of revealing what is not being depicted. As if the carapace of ordinary life and its basic arrangements are being shattered. The other side of things, something that always escapes us, will therefore be seen.


Composers: Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Daniele Ghisi, Francesco Filidei, François Sarhan
Director: Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski
Assistant: Manolo Sellati
Dramaturgical advice: Jean-Marie Piemme
Actors: Pierre Dherte, Aurélien Dubreuil-Lachaud, Candy Saulnier, Adèle Vandroth.
Costumes: Regine Becker
Set design: Christine Grégoire
Sound: Bart Aga
Computer music production at IRCAM: Gregory Beller, Benjamin Lévy
Lighting and stage management: Hans Meijer

Production: Lucilia Caesar in coproduction with IRCAM (Paris), Les Brigittines (Brussels), Ars Musica (Brussels), Césaré – Centre National (Reims).

22 Jun '17 - FR
10 Jun '17 - Brussels
09 Jun '17 - Brussels
08 Jun '17 - Brussels
07 Jun '17 - Brussels
06 Jun '17 - Brussels
04 Jun '17 - FR
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  • Lucilia Caesar